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Rose lectures with Christina Högardh-Ihr

As a gardener, I constantly come into contact with roses in my work. However, I felt that there was so much more that I wanted to learn about them when I came into contact with The Green Guide's rose courses. Over the next two years I have now completed 3 different courses, both online and online and practical, and I'm really happy! Christina who runs the the courses has a fantastic ability to inspire and be able to convey her enormous knowledge about roses in a very humble but also clear and concrete way. She really offers all her knowledge and no question has felt too stupid to ask. to ask. The content of the courses was well adapted and there was plenty of room for questions. questions. We went through different groups and varieties and the nature of these. We went through pruning, diseases, nutrition and how should I think and do when I plant a new rose so that it can develop and thrive at and thrive at its best? This and so much more useful information I got during the these 3 courses. I now feel a greater sense of security and joy when it comes to handling and informing about roses at my customers and I usually always draw at least one rose in my at least one rose in my design assignments nowadays. I would highly recommend The Green Guide's rose courses.

Petra Torenbacke