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If you choose our entire course package in rose cultivation, you become an excellent rose grower and you get access to all our rose courses! You will learn that with the right choice of varieties, you can get roses to thrive in almost any location. In Rose Course 1, we give you the best advice for choosing roses for different types of gardens and examples of good and healthy roses. You will also receive important care advice. In Rose Course 2, we'll look at the fragrant and re-blooming roses that so many people want in their garden or orchard. It is a myth that only single-flowering and old-fashioned roses smell good. You will get tips on good, modern and fragrant varieties and care advice. In Rose Course 3, you will also discover how to create a room, a beautiful entrance, a hedge or an arbour with just your roses! We present large shrubs and climbing roses for your home garden, or for a larger public planting. There are good and bad companion plants for roses! Rose course 4 gives you the best tips and advice for growing roses in pots. In Rose Course 5, we'll look at the scent of the rose, which is the main reason why roses have been so widely grown all over the world since ancient times. We give you some real scent bombs in the world of roses. Today there is more and more talk about growing plants that are less demanding on the environment and nature. In Rose Course 6, we give you tips on wild and tough roses that can grow in natural bushes, meadows or sheltered plantings. Roses are simply great for biodiversity and are loved by insects and birds.

Christina · 2022-06-17

The course consists of all six of our rose courses where Christina Högardh-Ihr gives an inspiring lecture on everything you need to know about roses to become a good rose grower. There are also six summaries of the content in PDFs that you can download and save.

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Christina Högardh-Ihr has been a rose expert and garden writer for many years. Christina has published several books, researched roses and traveled to Scandinavia, England and France to study roses. Christina has delved into the long and rich cultural history that surrounds the rose and has also worked practically with roses in gardens and at nurseries. She is very knowledgeable about all different types of roses and their areas of use and knows how to make a rose thrive. - It is easy to grow roses, says Christina, when you choose the right rose for the right place.

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