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Immerse your knowledge in rose cultivation – via the screen

With our digital rose courses you can dig into different aspects such as varieties, care, growing conditions and suitable companion plants roses, all aimed at gaining a better understanding of the world´s largest genus of plants. We provide you with the best advice and expertise to succeed with your rose cultivation.

Purchase the rose package: “A bouquet of Rose Courses” to gain access to all 6 rose lectures at a reduced price. For those who aspire to become true rose experts.

As a gardener, I constantly come into contact with roses in my profession. However, I felt that there was so much more I wanted to learn about them when I came across The Green Guides' rose courses. Over the past two years, I have taken three different courses, both online and practical, and I am truly delighted with the experience. Christina, who leads the courses, has an incredible ability to inspire and convey her vast knowledge of roses in a very humble yet clear and concise manner. She generously shares all her knowledge, and no question has ever felt too trivial to ask. The course content was well-tailored, and there was ample room for questions. We covered various groups and varieties of roses, as well as their characteristics. We delved into pruning, diseases, nutrition, and how to think and act when planting a new rose to ensure its optimal growth and well-being. I gained all of this and so much more valuable information during these three courses. I now feel a greater sense of confidence and joy in handling and providing information about roses to my clients, and I almost always incorporate at least one rose in my design projects nowadays. I warmly recommend The Green Guides' rose courses.

Petra Torenbacke


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