Rose Course 1: Right Rose in the Right Place

The dream of a lavishly blooming and fragrant rose garden can become a reality with this course. With the right choice of varieties, you can make roses thrive in almost any growing place. It is important to take into account the cultivation zone, climate, and soil and also ask how much time is available to care for the roses. Here we give you the best advice to be able to choose roses for different types of gardens and we give examples of good and healthy roses. You will also receive important care advice on how to plant, fertilize, water and prune from spring to autumn.

Christina · 2022-06-11

The course consists of a video where Christina Högardh-Ihr gives an inspiring lecture on the art of choosing the right rose in the right place in the garden or planting. The length of the video is 18 minutes. It also includes a summary of the contents of a PDF that you can download and save.

First, create and register an account with your personal information and then buy the course by adding it to your shopping cart and paying via bank card or Swish. You start the video by clicking on the link “Rose section 1” below. Then you can click through to the video and summary.

About Instructor


Christina Högardh-Ihr has been a rose expert and garden writer for many years. Christina has published several books, researched roses and traveled to Scandinavia, England and France to study roses. Christina has delved into the long and rich cultural history that surrounds the rose and has also worked practically with roses in gardens and at nurseries. She is very knowledgeable about all different types of roses and their areas of use and knows how to make a rose thrive. - It is easy to grow roses, says Christina, when you choose the right rose for the right place.

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