Practical Courses

A warm welcome to our popular course days in rose growing!

Do you want to expand your knowledge of rose growing on a practical level? Perhaps you’re a gardener or garden designer and face questions about roses in your daily work? Or are you a happy amateur grower who loves roses and wants the right advice to make them thrive and bloom abundantly in your garden!

We have the right courses for you! We conduct our courses in rose gardens in various locations in Sweden. There is a large assortment of roses that we have the opportunity to explore and work with. During a whole wonderful day, you will learn all about the care of roses. We go through and work practically with pruning of both bed, shrub and climbing roses. We also go through different types of soil, fertilisation and irrigation. We plant roses in both beds and pots and talk about the general care of roses during the summer season. We also talk about the prevention of fungal diseases and how to best counteract major pest attacks. On everyone’s wish list today are healthy, re-blooming roses. We talk a lot about this, about organic and non-toxic cultivation and about varieties and companions that will make your rose garden sustainable and beautiful!

Practical course days for spring 2024 are held at;

  • 10/4 at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde in Stockholm
  • We will return with a date for the course at Jonsereds Gardens in Gothenburg.

We will return shortly with booking and payment information!